Road emergency vehicle


Road emergency vehicle

This vehicle features a wide range of independent emergency response equipment.

This light and agile model is designed to provide effective emergency response and firefighting capabilities.

Vehicle according to : NFS 61-527-2006

Chassis and cabHide
Type 4x2 on chassis trade-mark
Emissions Euro 6
Speed > 90 Km/h
Cab from 2 doors - 3 seats to 4 doors - 6 seats
Extinguishing capacityHide
Water tank 400 l
Pumping and proportioning systemHide
Type Electrically driven pump unit
Pump flow rate 40 l/min at 40 bar
Firefighting equipmentHide
Hose reel Emergency response hose reel (50 m of hose) with electric rewinding)
Portable foam nozzle LDT nozzle up to 150 l/min
Technical dataHide
Operating weight Up to 19 T
Dimensions (height x width) 3,4 m x 2,5 m
Length Up to 7.3 m
Compliance NF EN 1846-1 /2 /3 - NF S 61-527