Gas powder vehicle


Gas powder vehicle

This equipment is designed to transport large volumes of powder. With its pressurised system, it is capable of spraying up to 6000 kg of powder via the on-board firefighting equipment. It also features large lockers, meaning it can carry the full range of operational equipment.

Chassis and cabHide
Type 4x2 or 4x4 - 6x4 or 6x6
Emissions Euro 3 to Euro 6
Speed > 90 km/h
Acceleration Depending on model
Cab 2 or 4 doors - 2 to 6 seats
Extinguishing capacityHide
Powder unit Up to 6 000 kg
Roof monitorHide
Type CP 1000
Flow rate Up to 1,000 kg/min
Range Up to 40 m
Firefighting equipmentHide
Hose reel Optional Sides hose reel

30 m to 80 m hose

Electric or manual rewinding
Technical dataHide
Operating weight Up to 34 T
Dimensions (height x width) 4,15 m x 2,5 m
Length Up to 10 m