Effective protection of industrial sites demands the capability to handle a wide range of different situations, from production and refining to processing, storage and distribution.

Industrial hazards come in all shapes and forms, from fires and leaks to flows and explosions. All of these hazards require a fast and effective response.

Sides’ industry range is designed to provide you with the capability you need to respond quickly and safely to a disaster.

Firefighting vehicles – Industry

Sides’ range of firefighting vehicles for industry (refineries, heavy industry, high-risk industry) is designed to meet the requirements of the most demanding disaster prevention plans.

Our vehicles use firefighting components that are designed, manufactured and tested by Sides, delivering exceptional performance. They are capable of delivering cooling water or firefighting foam over long distances for sustained periods of up to several dozen hours…

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Firefighting equipment

Sides offers a range of reliable, robust, high-performance aspiration, pumping and spraying equipment, for use as part of a fixed industrial hazard prevention system (refineries, heavy industries, high-risk industries).

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Support trailers

In response to specific industrial hazards, Sides has developed a range of mobile, modular firefighting equipment. This equipment is designed to provide cooling or firefighting capability in addition to existing systems.

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