Sentinel S3X

Optimal performance

Sentinel S3X

Optimal performance

The S3X is Sides’ leading airport vehicle.
It features a wealth of technology and combines reliable, mass-produced components, Sides’ research and expertise in firefighting vehicle design and a reduced TCO.
The S3X has been developed in partnership with users. It is spacious and features proven equipment and automated functions to give you the best results in terms of safety, comfort and performance during operations.

Chassis and cabHide
Type MAN - 6x6
Emissions Euro 3 or Euro 5
Speed 115 km/h
Acceleration NFPA compliant
Cab Sides

Seats up to 4 crew
Extinguishing capacityHide
Water tank Up to 10,500 l
Powder unit Up to 500 kg N2 or CO2 gas propellant
Pumping and proportioning systemHide
Type SIDES SB 10.6000
Transmission Direct PTO system via shaft for Pump and Roll
Pump flow rate Up to 7,200 L/min at 12 bar
Proportioning system Around the pump
Roof monitorHide
Type SIDES SM 60
Flow rate Up to 4,500 l/min
Range > 85 m
Firefighting equipmentHide
Hose reel Fixed or pivoting

30 m semi-rigid hose, internal diameter 35

Electric rewinding

Dual flow attack nozzle
Portable foam nozzle LMP 500 type III (flow rate 450 l/min)
Vehicle self-protectionHide
Type via nozzle under the chassis and cab
Technical dataHide
Operating weight 29 T
Dimensions (height x width) 3.84 m x 2.55 m
Length 10.8 m
Specific components
Sides manufactures all firefighting components for its vehicles in France. Order parts separately or as a kit, either as part of your maintenance contract or our Sides Service.