28-250-12S pump


28-250-12S pump


Building on its extensive experience, Sides designs and manufactures pumps with the specific needs of firefighting use in mind.
The pump is fitted with reinforced mechanisms.
Its design is based on in-depth research, delivering excellent performance across a wide range of specific speeds.
Sides manufactures its pumps with as few parts as possible to limit maintenance costs and guarantee a longer lifespan and greater reliability.
As with all Sides pumps, this model is used by a wide range of customers in all sectors (industry, aeronautics, civil defence, marine, fixed installations, etc.) and throughout the world.

Type :

Single stage centrifugal pump with horizontal shaft

Split casing type :


Pump construction :

Bronze body
Bronze impeller
Stainless steel shaft
Bronze wearing rings

Seal :

Mechanical seal and disposable wearing rings

Equipment :

Pressure gauge, Outlet

Weight (kg) :

180 Kg

Drive :

By power take-off or flywheel


Compliance :

FPN 10-6000 EN 1028-3

FPN 10-4000 EN 1028-3

NF-EN 14710

NFPA 1911