Discover Sides components for firefighting vehicles in airport, indusry and civil defence. The quality, reliability and availability of the fire system components guarantee performance, correct function, and a high level of vehicle service rate. In Sides, we design, test and manufacture our components which allows us to constantly improve the performance and quality of our products, to be reactive to serve spare parts and guarantee the durability of your fire system by the availability over 15 years of our components.

Dosing system

Sides has developed a range of mechanical or electronic automatic dosing systems suitable to all types of use:

-« Around the pump » ADA dosing systems,

– « Balanced pressure » DELTA dosing system,

– « Balanced pressure » at output: MULTI dosing system.

These systems ensure an accurate and constant dosage over a wide range of flow.

They are easy to use and maintenance free.

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Sides has a range of monitor guaranteeing firefighting performance regarding flow, range expansion.

These monitors integrate all necessary options to fight against fire.

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Pump components

Pump components for Sides firefighting vehicles.

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Control system

Sides has developed a set of intuitive control systems for the management of its firefighting systems. These compact systems offer a very ergonomic interface, easy to use and easy to read.

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