Pump unit


Pump unit

The Sides pump unit is available as a petrol or diesel version and is deigned for a range of different uses, including aspiration in areas that heavy engines cannot access, relay supply operations, and clearing and surveillance operations.

Trailer according to : NFS 63-110-2006

Chassis and cabHide
Type Petrol or diesel motor
Pumping and proportioning systemHide
Type SIDES SB 15-2000
Transmission on engine shaft via elastic coupling
Pump flow rate 2,000 l/min at 15 bar
Technical dataHide
Operating weight < 750 Kg or 900 kg
Dimensions (height x width) 1,4 m x 1,4 m
Length 3,15 m
Compliance NF S 63-110-2006
Specific components
Sides manufactures all firefighting components for its vehicles in France. Order parts separately or as a kit, either as part of your maintenance contract or our Sides Service.