Sherpa 4×4

Modular solution

Sherpa 4×4

Modular solution

In order to meet the needs of category 3 to 10 airports, we have designed Sherpa, a modular truck that features a range of innovative airport firefighting solutions.
The product features proven Sides firefighting equipment, mounted on a simple and robust chassis.

We have adapted our Sherpa vehicle to meet the needs of a range of airport and rescue firefighting environments, from Europe and Africa to Australia, with excellent reliability on all fronts.

Chassis and cabHide
Emissions EURO 3 to EURO 5
Speed 115 km/h
Acceleration 0-80 km/h beyond ICAO requirement
Cab 1 + 2 Seats (up to 4 crew)

Operating dashboard in cab for direct control of the hydraulic system, pumping and proportioning system and fire appliances
Extinguishing capacityHide
Water tank Up to 6000 L
Powder unit Up to 250 kg
Pumping and proportioning systemHide
Type SIDES SB 10.6000
Transmission Direct transmission through PTO system
Pump flow rate Up to 4500 l /min at 10 bars
Proportioning system Around the pump
Roof monitorHide
Type SIDES SM 30
Flow rate Up to 3000 L/min
Range Up to 65 m
Firefighting equipmentHide
Hose reel Fixed or pivoting Sides hose reel

30 m rigid hose, internal diameter 35

Electric rewinding

Dual flow attack nozzle
Portable foam nozzle LMP 500 type III (flow rate 450 l/min)
Vehicle self-protectionHide
Type Two foam sprays on the front

Four sprinklers on either side of the vehicle axles
Technical dataHide
Operating weight 20 T max
Dimensions (height x width) 4050 x 2550 mm
Length 7.3 m
Specific components
Sides manufactures all firefighting components for its vehicles in France. Order parts separately or as a kit, either as part of your maintenance contract or our Sides Service.