The vehicles that have made their mark on Sides’ history


1951 : Sides is founded by Georges and André Rotival. The company specialises in the manufacture of firefighting products.
1956 : The first foam firefighting vehicles for airports and industrial sites are released.
1959 : The VMA38, one of the first modern airport firefighting vehicles, is released. This robust and modern vehicle is fitted with power steering.
1968 : The VMA190 is released, signalling the advent of giant vehicles. This 8×8 jumbo truck is designed for the arrival of the jumbo jet (Boeing 747).
1980 : Sides releases the CCFM, breaking new ground in terms of design and robustness.
1980 : Sides releases the PSE, the first multi-purpose vehicle capable of operating in both emergency and firefighting response environments.
1981 :  Sides releases the innovative S2000, the first airport vehicle with a PVC tank and panoramic view.
1992 : Sides launches the Osiris concept, featuring aluminium profile bodywork and user-friendly layout.
1995 : The Sides range expands with the arrival of the CCR. This multi-purpose firefighting vehicle is capable of attending both urban disasters and forest fires. The standard for this type of vehicle is based on Sides’ CCR.
2010 : Sides improves its airport range with the release of the S3X.
2011 : Sides boosts its customer relations with Sides Service, a dedicated customer service unit with its own logistics, storage and supply chain resources.
2012 : Sides launches Sentinel, breaking new ground in the airport vehicle market. This vehicle is based on in-depth research into user comfort and performance requirements.
2012 : Sides releases Neo, a civil defence urban fire truck with extra-large locker capacity. This latest-generation vehicle features Sides’ core on-board technology, along with Sides’ own ultra-reliable components.
2013  : Sides launches the largest industry vehicle in France, a Sovereign model with a flow rate of 18,000 l/min.