High-power urban fire truck


High-power urban fire truck


Building on its safety experience in the oil and airport sectors, Sides has developed a range of firefighting vehicles designed with specific risks in mind, such as industrial and logistics sites and major transport routes.

Chassis and cabHide
Type 6x4 to 8x4 RENAULT
Emissions Euro 3, Euro 5 or Euro 6
Speed > 90 Km/h
Cab 2 doors - 2 seats
Extinguishing capacityHide
Water tank 9000 l (water and foam compound combined)
Pumping and proportioning systemHide
Type SIDES 21.500.12
Transmission Direct drive PTO via shaft with Pump and Roll feature
Pump flow rate Up to 10,000 l/min at 12 bar
Proportioning system SIDES DELTA FLOW
Roof monitorHide
Type Sides SM 60 or SM 45 roof monitor
Flow rate up to 6,000 l/min
Range 90 m - 54 m
Firefighting equipmentHide
Hose reel Emergency response hose reel (40 m of hose) with electric rewinding
Portable foam nozzle LDT nozzle 150 l/min
Vehicle self-protectionHide
Type Level 1: by front nozzle

Level 2: cab + equipment by sprinklers

Level 3: under cab and wheels by diffusers
Technical dataHide
Operating weight 26 T
Dimensions (height x width) 3,65 m x 2,55 m
Length 10 m