Urban fire truck for road emergencies


Urban fire truck for road emergencies

The FPTSR is a more versatile version of the urban fire truck, with additional road emergency vehicle capabilities.

Vehicle according to : NFS 61-515-2014

Chassis and cabHide
Type 4x2 on Renault D chassis or MAN TGM
Emissions Euro 6
Speed > 110 Km/h
Acceleration < 15 s (0-100 m) - < 27 s (0-65 Km/h)
Cab 4 doors - 8 seats
Extinguishing capacityHide
Water tank Up to 3,000 litres
Pumping and proportioning systemHide
Type Sides SB 15-2000
Transmission Direct drive PTO via shaft
Pump flow rate 2,000 l/min at 15 bar
Proportioning system Options: mechanical proportioning system, injector proportioning system, electronic proportioning system depending on customer request, or 'Around the pump' proportioning system
Firefighting equipmentHide
Hose reel Emergency response hose reel (40 m of hose) with electric rewinding and 1 or 2 mobile storage hose reels (200 m of hose, diameter 70 mm)
Portable foam nozzle LDT nozzle up to 150 l/min
Technical dataHide
Operating weight 15 T
Dimensions (height x width) 3,3 m x 2,5 m
Length 8 m
Compliance NFS 61-515-2014
Specific components
Sides manufactures all firefighting components for its vehicles in France. Order parts separately or as a kit, either as part of your maintenance contract or our Sides Service.