Sides’ range of airport firefighting vehicles is designed to reduce response times and ensure maximum user safety.

To help you improve your operational performance, all our firefighting equipment has been designed to be simple and intuitive to use.


Sentinel is Sides’ range of high-performance firefighting vehicles for airports. The Sentinel range of vehicles has been designed in conjunction with both users and design/ergonomics specialists. The vehicles are quick, high-performance, reliable and easy to use and maintain. They feature the latest proprietary on-board technologies, along with proven components manufactured by Sides.

The range features two vehicles :

–  Sentinel, a high-capacity, latest-generation vehicle, designed on special chassis for airport
–  Sentinel S3X, vehicle equipped with an aeronautic special cab designed on a commercial chassis.

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Sherpa, part of our airport range, is a modular platform capable of meeting a wide range of firefighting requirements. It is designed for fires at category 3 to 10 airports.

Sherpa vehicles are designed with time-saving, comfort, performance, safety, reliability, accessibility and simplicity in mind.

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Fast response vehicle

Fast response is critical to the success of firefighting, especially in airport environments. Sides has developed a range of fast response vehicles designed to attend the scene of a disaster in record time.

As well as acting as reconnaissance vehicles, they can also be fitted with on-board firefighting equipment, such as tanks, pumps and monitors. They are also able to respond to minor incidents alone, or act as front-line or additional response vehicles as part of a highly efficient response system.

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